Washington virtual school

Future Ready Home Connect

Flexible, Anytime/Anywhere Learning

Students have significant flexibility with respect to when and where they complete their assigned coursework. Students are expected to remain on track with their course calendar and maintain weekly communication with their online teachers.

Certified Teachers

Future Ready Home Connect teachers are highly qualified, certificated teachers that meet all state credentialing standards. Most have been teaching online for years and are accomplished in each subject they teach. Our teachers are invested in seeing your child get the most out of their virtual learning experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Future Ready Home Connect’s online curriculum is designed to challenge students academically through rigorous content, while inspiring students to be active participants in the learning process. This is achieved by engaging students in a variety of activities and assessments (including authentic assessments) appropriate to the field of study.


Future Ready Home Connect is an accredited, quality educational program for students in grades K – 8. Future Ready Home Connect is a program of the Putnam County School System.

Safe, Caring Environment

Students have the opportunity to learn in an environment perfectly suited to their needs. No distractions, no commutes. Just a comfortable, familiar space where students can focus, thrive, and excel.


Each student is supported by a team of individuals dedicated to their success. This team includes online teachers who host office hours and individual support sessions, as well as a friendly team of service desk agents who are standing by to answer any technical support questions that may arise.

Expand Horizons. Reduce Stress